Whats the difference between standard resolution and high resolution and why the price difference?

For our standard resolution 360° images we use a 360° camera which generates a single image. The image created is a 5,300 x 2,650 px 14MB. These images are great for a well-lit business or small areas like inside a car.

For our high-resolution images, we use a professional grade camera (Canon 5D MK III) and take 8 images per spot and then when we get back to the office we stitch the images together to create a single 360°. The image created is a 10000 x 5000 px 50MB. These images are great for areas with a lot of detail or are not well lit, mainly artificial lighting such as restaurants, event venues, hotels etc.

How many images will I need for my business?

For custom interactive tours, it basically boils down to how many areas of your business do you want to show off. Depending on the size of each area and how much detail you want to show normally 1 image per 1000 sqft should be sufficient. For a custom Interactive tour, we will do an onsite consultation for free.

For Google Street View it is a little different. Google requires that each image should have a line of sight to the next image without any obstacles. So our starting prices should work for most single area businesses. Again we don’t mind dropping by your business and giving you an idea of how many images you will need. Remeber the 1st 2 images are taken outside.

What is the difference between an Interactive Tour and Google Street View Tour?

An interactive tour is a series of high-resolution digital panoramic images linked together to give your online visitor a visual view of your business. An interactive tour contains interactive elements that your visitor is able to view to get more insight into your business. These can contain images, video, text, audio, website content etc. An interactive tour is also customized to use your branding i.e. logo and colors.

A Google Street View Tour are digital panoramic images linked together. No branding or interactive elements.

Why use 360 Pano Tours

Simple, because we are professional. 360 Pano Tours is owned by Tony Juays of Juays Photography. Tony has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Tony is a member of the Professional Photographers of America as well as a Google Trusted Street View Photographer.